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Private Residence, Korea


A typical Korean country house has this room space called a "Sunroom," often used as a family gathering space. It is sometimes also used as a laundry space and clothes drying area. Yangypeong Residence found an opportunity to re-invent the sunroom by first relocating it as the center hub of the house (...).

韓国の典型的なカントリーハウスには「サンルーム」と呼ばれるこの部屋のスペースがあり、家族が集まるスペースとしてよく使用されます。 ランドリースペースや物干し場として利用されることもあります。 Yangypeong Residence は、まずサンルームを家の中心ハブとして再配置することで、サンルームを再発明する機会を見つけました (...)。


A tiny footprint private residence in Yangpyeong County, northwest of South Korea. With rather cold weather in the north, Yangypeong residences are asked to maximize the sunlight intake into the building while retaining the capability to have shades. Natural wood bark was introduced as the facade of the building, allowing for proper shades. The natural texture of the wood bark creates the illusion that it is part of nature. It also helps in being an art wall backdrop for the interior.


Location: Yang Pyeong, Korea  • 場所: 韓国、ヤンピョン
Period: 2020 - • 期間:2020年~
Key Program: Private villa •
Scope: Architecture and interior design
Site Area: 1343 m2

Total floor area: 580 m2

場所: 韓国、ヤンピョン
主要プログラム: プライベートヴィラ

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