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The Forest Villa

private residence, united states


Light, shadow, flickering; water, pool, bathing; decking, barefoot, idling. Mary, the owner of this house, has been repeating these vague yet romantic words since the very beginning of this project. This house, for her, is a retreat, a castle, a secret tree house away from reality.


Location: Los Angeles, United States
Period: 2018 -
Key Program: Private house
Scope: Architecture and interior design
Site Area: 2431 m2
Total floor area: 670 m2

場所: アメリカ合衆国、ロサンゼルス
主要プログラム: プライベートハウス
範囲: 建築およびインテリアデザイン


One of the significant challenges, and at the same time opportunity, is that there is as much as 20 feet drop of height across the site, with a creek running at the lowest level. Therefore, the house plays an important role not only as a container for daily activities but also as a passage from an urban context to a much-secluded private entity. One of the most essential things of a Japanese living space is that it always strikes to bring nature inside, or in other words, to blur the boundary. In this project, we tried to achieve this goal by inserting an exterior living room space into the program and opening up the glazing connecting to it as large as possible.



A creek running on the edge of the bowl is a natural gift of the site to improve the living environment, and unique designs for the swimming pool at the entrance are our designers’ gift to the client to boost the experience even before stepping into the house.


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