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private residence, japan


Image taken in early January. Winters in Hokkaido, Japan’s northernmost island, are renowned for snowfall.


Snow sports enthusiasts worldwide flock to experience the waist-deep powder that typically blankets the mountains, blown in on winds from Siberia crossing the Sea of Japan.



Location: Niseko, Japan
Period: 2014 - 2017
Key Program: Private villa for ski
Scope: Architecture and interior design
Site Area: - m2

Total floor area: 1300 m2

場所: ニセコ、日本
主要プログラム: スキー用プライベートヴィラ
範囲: 建築およびインテリアデザイン
敷地面積: - m2

At Tantsuru Villa, one enters the building from the southeast side, and as it goes to the next level, the building is designed to rotate gradually. When it finally reaches the top floor, the building faces parallel to the Yotei mountains. Family members using the living lounge on the top floor would spend their winter time together in an ample vast space with an extraordinary scene as their view was framed. Located northeast of Niseko town, the snow villa is in stunning scenery facing towards Mt. Yotei, often called Mt.Fuji of Hokkaido.



From the beginning, traditional Japanese architecture was made of wood and designed harmoniously with the natural environment. Mililab emphasizes the warmth and coziness that the wood could bring. Wood elements with Yamatobari patterns generally cover the houses to bring warmth into the interior spaces.

伝統的な日本の建築は当初から木造であり、自然環境と調和するように設計されていました。 ミリラボは、木材がもたらす暖かさと居心地の良さを強調しています。

Vanity space opposite the private onsen. Wooden louver ceilings are used to soften the light reflection in the area. The full-width mirror is from corner to corner to maximize the view and create openness even in the corners.

大和張文様を施した木材が住宅全体を覆い、室内空間に温もりをもたらします。貸切温泉の向かいにある洗面スペース。 エリア内の光の反射を和らげるために木製ルーバー天井が使用されています。 隅から隅まで見渡せる全幅ミラーで視界を最大限に確保し、隅まで開放感を演出します。

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